Supercharge Your Hail Estimates

In the dynamic world of Paintless Dent Repair, precision in estimating can significantly impact your bottom line, especially when dealing with hail damage. The integration of Classy Estimating into Mobile Tech RX marks a pivotal advancement, offering unparalleled accuracy and efficiency.

Classy Estimating is a re-key solution that can translate a Mobile Tech RX estimate into a standard insurance format, while at the same time maximizing the claim potential by identifying missing standard operating procedures and non-included operations. This integration empowers PDR technicians to produce more accurate estimates faster, ensuring that no chargeable item is missed and that every estimate reflects the true scope of work required.

Make More on Hail Estimates

By leveraging Classy Estimating within Mobile Tech RX, technicians can ensure that every hail damage assessment is meticulously calculated, potentially increasing the estimate’s value. This precision leads to better compensation for the work performed, directly impacting profitability.

Before the integration, PDR technicians might have undercharged for complex repairs due to overlooked details. Now, with Classy Estimating’s detailed approach, every minor dent and necessary procedure is accounted for, leading to more comprehensive and higher-value estimates.

Save Time Using Our Direct Integration with Classy Estimating

Time is of the essence in PDR work, and this integration is designed to save valuable hours. The direct link between Mobile Tech RX and Classy Estimating eliminates the need for double entry, allowing for estimates to be generated quickly and with less effort.

Technicians can now input data into Mobile Tech RX and have the estimate processed by Classy Estimating with just a few clicks.

Once your estimate is submitted through Mobile Tech RX, Classy will convert your estimate into the preferred insurance format, ensuring every necessary Standard Operating Procedure is included for a comprehensive claim. Additional details such as parts, conventional work, R&I, and potential PDR markups are incorporated and the finalized estimate is promptly emailed back to you.

Most estimates are optimized by 10 to 30% and you can expect to have your estimate returned within 24 business hours!

Your first estimate is FREE (for new Classy users only), showcasing the system’s value and cost-effectiveness for businesses of all sizes. For more information on pricing, visit

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