As a detailing business owner, it’s always a good idea to think about how you can run your business more efficiently. A more efficient business not only makes your life easier, but it also makes you more money. Maybe you’ve been thinking about trying a new detailing technology for your business, because you know it’s time to replace pen and paper. But once you decide to look for a new business app or software, how do you start? Read on to know what questions to ask and what to look for when choosing a detailing app.

Why do you need detailing technology for your business?

First off, let’s talk about why you need an app for your detailing business. It’s helpful to ask yourself what you want to get out of a new technology. Maybe it’s convenience, better organization, to comply with a standard, to make you more money, or something else. Write these down, because these goals will help guide you as you think about what you need in an app. 

In general, when you replace paper with a business app, you are opening up larger opportunities of growth for your business. For Mobile Tech RX users, it’s not uncommon to make up to 50% more per estimate or thousands more in revenue when they use our app. 

Some of the benefits of detailing apps include:

  • Helping you understand your business and make smarter business decisions with data
  • Saving you time by not having to manually enter every piece of information as you work
  • Keeping you organized by having all estimates and invoices automatically saved digitally

What to look for when choosing a detailing technology app

Here are some things you can look for during your consideration process. Take a look at the list and make a note of which features would be important to your business. Having a list of priority features and how they will help you grow your business will make the decision process easier.

1. Customer Reminders

Since detailing is a regular service, it gives you a huge advantage if you can remind your customers when they are due for their next service. Since you’re the one who reminded them and just made their life easier, they are more likely to choose your business for their recurring details. 

Maybe you already send out customer reminders in some way with an Excel spreadsheet. You can document each customer’s last visit by date and then contact them every few months. Unfortunately this process requires a lot of tedious, manual work. There are detailing apps out there that automate this process. You can pre-program a reminder email or text to be sent automatically to customers after a set time. 

2. Variable-Based Pricing

If you’re like most detailers, you probably offer your services through a menu of pricing that ranges from “Basic” to “The Works”. Unfortunately, you’re probably leaving at least 10% of revenue on the table when you use menu pricing. 

A detailing app can help you use factors and variables to estimate unique prices for each car that you service in your shop. For more information about how you can make more money as a car detailing business, read this blog.

3. Integrate with Quickbooks or Other Business Software

If you are already using some type of software and technology for your detailing business, it’s important to ask whether they will work together. It’s a huge pain to deal with two technologies who don’t integrate and can’t share information between them.

Quickbooks is one of the most common types of business software used by small to medium-sized businesses. If you use Quickbooks as your accounting software, make sure your detailing app will integrate with it. 

4. As Flexible as Your Business 

Your auto detailing app should be as flexible as you are. You don’t want to be held back by a technology that doesn’t accommodate your type of work. 

If you detail motorcycles, boats, or planes, check to see if the detailing software you are considering can help you estimate these types of vehicles.

5. Makes You Look Professional

If you’re switching from paper to a business app, chances are any app you choose will bump up your professionalism in your customers’ eyes. Think about what the customer sees when you use a detailing app: digital estimates and invoices, emails, printed documents, digital signatures, etc. Make sure everything customer-facing from your detailing app will impress your customers with the highest level of professionalism.

6. Helps You Manage Better 

Using an app for your detailing business helps you understand and manage your business better. When you keep all of your business information digitally and in one place, you’re setting yourself up well. This gives you the ability to create and review valuable data that can help you analyze your business operations. In turn, you can make decisions to be more efficient. It also can make you a more informed and better manager of your team.

The detailing app you purchase for your business should allow you to capture important insights behind your business.

Purchasing a detailing app is an investment in the growth of your business. Just like vacuums, brushes, and LED lights are the tools that you invest in to help you do your job, a detailing app can help you do the same. Think of it as a tool that makes your life easier, helps you work faster, and makes you more money. 

If you have any more questions about what to look for when choosing a detailing app, please contact us. We’d be happy to help. 

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