You might have all of the nicest detailing tools out there. But if you’re running your auto detailing business primarily on pen and paper and Excel spreadsheets, you’re probably selling yourself short. You’re not working as efficiently or making as much money as you could be making. Maybe it’s time to start considering a different kind of detailing tool to help you grow your business. Here are 5 ways switching from pen and paper to a detailing app like Mobile Tech RX can help:

Be More Efficient

If you’re running your business with pen and paper, you are probably spending more time than necessary creating estimates and invoices and turning paperwork into monthly statements. 

With an auto detailing app like Mobile Tech RX, the software creates professional-looking estimates and invoices as you enter the information about the car you’re working on. Our estimating templates were created specifically for the detailing work you’re doing out in the field.

Investing in software as your next detailing tool also saves you hours of time by creating statements for you automatically. When you make the switch, you can say goodbye to the hours you spend manually entering paperwork into spreadsheets or business accounting software.

Be More Organized

A huge downside of operating with paper is that it’s so easy to lose track of loose estimates, invoices, time cards, etc. You or someone on your team has probably lost an important piece of paperwork in the past year. When you use an auto detailing tool like an app, everything you enter into it will be saved in your account. This includes car details, estimates, work assignments, invoices, and payments. Even if you lost your phone or tablet, all of your information is backed up and available.

Make More Money

Most detailing businesses use set menu pricing for any customer or car that comes into their shops. If you’re not using estimating software that considers the factors of each job, you’re leaving money on the table. You’re not charging the full value of your skills and your time. 

Instead of a set menu of prices, an auto detailing software helps you set more fair prices based on factors and variables of each car that comes into your shop. (Those variables could be pet hair, paint oxidation, stain and stain size, level of dirtiness, etc.) You can use the app to inspect the car and provide a realistic estimate for what it will cost based on the car’s condition and the time it will take to detail the car. 

If you start using factor-based pricing, you can be more fair and make more money as a car detailing business. You are charging your customers for the true value of your work, and your customers are paying for the true value of work done on their car. Read this article for more on how to make more money as a car detailer.

Improve Customer Experience

In this era, customers have high expectations for their experience when they interact with a business’ products or services. Here’s proof:

  • According to Microsoft, 59% of survey respondents have higher expectations for customer service than they did just a year ago. 
  • Efficiency, convenience, friendly service, knowledgeable service, and easy payment are what people value most in their customer experience. (Also according to PwC’s research.)

Using a business app as one of your main detailing tools will help you provide a more streamlined and efficient service, estimate the service knowledgeably, and make payments transparent and easy for your customers. If you make your business more professional, your customers will thank you.

Track Business Metrics

If you want to grow your detailing business, it’s important that you measure your operations as much as possible. Using metrics can help you find where you have room to improve and where you’re leaving money on the table.

Mobile Tech RX’s auto detailing software makes it easy for you to capture every piece of data that you enter. It also helps you visualize your business performance in ways that are easy to digest and understand. With these reports, you can pinpoint your strengths and weaknesses. You can focus in on the types of services you provide, the regional areas you service, your team of technicians, your sales and marketing strategy, and more. 

To grow your detailing business, you need to be able to see how your business is doing from a historical perspective. Then you can analyze trends and make smart decisions for the future. An auto detailing software can help you do that. 

Manage Your Employees

When your employees are scattered throughout the field and office, it’s difficult to ensure everyone is doing their work.

An auto detailing app can help you assign your employees work, track their performance, and pinpoint areas of strength and weakness. This will help you be more organized, efficient, and effective as a team.

Are you ready to try an auto detailing software to grow your business? Sign up today for the best new detailing tool on the market. Try Mobile Tech RX’s app specifically for auto detailers free for 30 days.

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