Do you want to become a detailing pro and start your own detailing business but aren’t sure where to start? We created a comprehensive list of resources specifically for auto detailing business owners. In this list, you’ll find relevant detailing classes, books, blogs, podcasts, associations, events, etc that will help you start and grow your business.

Auto Detailing Books

How to Start a Home-Based Car Detailing Business (Home-Based Business Series)

by Renny Doyle

This book has everything you need to know to run a profitable car detailing business from your home.

The Profitable Auto Detail Shop: How to Start and Run a Successful Auto Detailing Business

by J. M. Cook

Written by an auto detail shop owner with 20 years of experience, this book is for everyone. It doesn’t matter if you are brand new to the detail business or have been around for years. Read this for help on choosing a location for your shop, advertising and selling ideas, outsourcing, and step-by-step guides. 

Start Your Own Automobile Detailing Business (StartUp Series)

by Entrepreneur Press

Now is a great time to get into auto detailing and set out on the road towards success. A car detailing business can provide you with a flexible work schedule and the possibility for huge profit with only a moderate startup investment. Read this book for help getting started.

Detailing Blogs

Auto Detailing Network Blog

The Auto Detailing Network has been bringing the detailing community together since 1996. They provide resources for the experienced shop owner and the new entrepreneur looking to enter the industry.

The Car Detailing Blog by Detail King®

If you’re looking for the latest information about starting or growing an auto detailing business, start here. The Car Detailing Blog is a leading source for news, insight, commentary and how-to information. Their content is about running an auto detailing business, and it’s updated weekly by the team at Detail King.

Auto Detailing Podcasts

The Auto Detailing Podcast

The Auto Detailing Podcast provides valuable tips, tricks and interviews with top detailers from around the world. This podcast is for weekend warriors, driveway detailers, those just starting their detail businesses, and detailing experts. This podcast hosted by Jimbo Balaam (owner of Jimbo’s Auto Detailing), focuses on efficiency and results to make you a better auto detailer. Follow his content through in-depth videos on YouTube as well.

The Business Of Detailing Podcast

The Business of Detailing podcast is hosted by Jason Otterness (co-owner of Chicago Auto Pros Detailing), Cougar Elfervig (owner of LUXE Auto Spa), and Nick Whitaker (co-owner of Detail Peoria). Their goal is to help other detailers build, grow, and scale their businesses by uncovering proven tactics from the detailing industry and other industries. 

Pints & Polishing… an Auto Detailing Podcast

DJ Patterson (Founder of EcoGreen and Vice President of the International Detailing Association) and Marty (Owner of Total Auto Solutions) talk about the art of detailing over a pint of beer. Each episode features a guest who discusses new tips and trends about the auto detailing industry over their favorite beer.

Detailing YouTube Channels

Auto Fetish Detail

Dive into the exciting world of professional auto detailing. This is a channel for driveway detailers, enthusiasts, and people new to the industry. Auto Fetish Detail is hosted by Darren Priest, the owner and operator of Auto Fetish Detail of Orange County.

Chemical Guys

The Chemical Guys YouTube channel is the world’s largest how-to online auto detailing video library. Learn the latest tips and tricks on car care and automotive detailing. Watch and learn how to detail, clean, restore, and protect cars, trucks, motorcycles, and airplanes from their library of over 1,000 videos. They post new videos every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. They also publish extra bonus videos on the weekends.

Wilson Auto Detailing

This YouTube channel is run by Luke Wilson (Owner and Operator of Wilson Auto Detailing) and designed to help 3 main groups of people: 

  • The do-it yourselfers who want to educate themselves
  • The car enthusiasts who want to stay up-to-date with the best products, techniques, tools, and strategies
  • Anyone wanting to get into the detailing business, but just don’t know where to start

Luke Wilson will explain different products, tools, advertisement techniques, communication skills, and more.

Media Publications that Cover Car Detailing

Professional Carwashing & Detailing

Professional Carwashing & Detailing is the premier carwash trade magazine with over 43 years of industry experience. They provides car care professionals with necessary information to manage and grow a thriving business.

Auto Detailing Associations

International Detailing Association

The International Detailing Association is the leading industry association for professional detailing operators, suppliers and consultants. The association is dedicated to promoting the value of professional detailing services, the recognition of professional detailing as a trade, and empowering detailing industry professionals at each stage in their career. The IDA was formed to help everyone, anywhere in the world, grow and improve themselves and their business.

Detailing Social Groups


Detailing Business Growth

This is a private community with over 6,000 members for detailing business owners and professionals that want to start or grow their business. 

Detailing Business Professionals

This group has over 3,000 members. It’s for new and existing Detailing Business Professionals to learn, share knowledge, and support one another. 

Detailing for Money

This 11,000+ member group is intended to help people become more profitable while detailing.  Group members share secrets, product lines and anything they feel could be helpful to someone else.  

Pro Detailers; Business Development and Marketing

The goal of this group is help pro detailers set their focus on marketing and building value. Members share thoughts, daily actions and creative ideas to become better marketers in the auto detailing industry.


Auto Detailing & Car Wash Marketing, Sales & Business Entrepreneurs

This small group is for anyone in the auto detailing and car wash industry (owners of car washes, manufacturers, distributors and auto detailers). Join to connect with other people in the industry.

Auto Detailing Network – Professional Detailing Networking Group

Any professional in the auto detailing and reconditioning industry is welcome to join this 4,000+ member LinkedIn group. The Auto Detailing Network group is for discussing detailing processes, techniques, marketing and other issues facing auto detailing business owners.

Auto Detailing Events

IDA at Mobile Tech Expo Orlando 2020

Orlando, January 30 – February 1, 2020

The IDA has a number of activities planned at the Mobile Tech Expo in Orlando, including educational sessions, certification events, a business meeting and reception, and a booth on the trade show floor.

The Car Wash Show

San Antonio, April 6-8, 2020

The Car Wash Show is the largest gathering of owners, managers, and decision-makers from the car wash, quick lube and detailing industries. The Car Wash Show is for car wash professionals who want industry-leading education and networking with thousands of other attendees.

Southern Detailers Conference

Lexington, June 2020

The Southern Detailers Conference always has the latest and greatest auto detailing training and product knowledge for the industry. Come for education and meet some of the most elite in the industry.

Auto Detailing Classes and Training Opportunities

BigFoot Car Detailing Academy

The RUPES BigFoot Academy is located inside the RUPES USA Headquarters in Louisville, Colorado and offers hands-on detailing training with an industry-leading team of globally recognized trainers. From polishing to sanding, trainings are for any skill level from beginners to advanced techniques. Auto detailing classes are conducted regularly and are a combination of both private and public events. 

Detail King’s Auto Detailing Classes

This is for seasoned veteran auto detailers who want to take their businesses to the next level and budding entrepreneurs just starting out. Auto detailing training at Detail King Auto Detailing Training Institute will provide the necessary skills needed to operate a successful and profitable business. Their 2-day and 3-day training programs provide the industry’s most comprehensive detailing classes and training for the industry.

Detailing Success

Master detailer Renny Doyle teaches intensive 1-day and 5-day training programs to help current and future detailing business owners fine-tune their skills and manage their businesses. Graduates of the program become members of the Detailing Success Network where they can access ongoing support and advice from senior members. Renny and the Detailing Success program have trained over 400 detailers from around the world with their auto detailing classes.

Ding King Auto Detail Training

Learn how to detail interiors and exteriors like a pro with Five days of training with a 20 year auto detailing veteran. You’ll learn everything you need to know to start a mobile auto detail business. 

Esoteric Elite Detailer Academy

This intensive 2-day course is held regularly at the ESOTERIC – Fine Auto Finishing headquarters in New Albany, Ohio. The Elite Detailer course is limited to just 5 students. This auto detailing class is taught by a Master Detailer who knows all of the modern tools, products, and techniques. 

Smart Detailing University

One of the world’s largest and most advanced car detailing and auto reconditioning training facilities. Smart Detailing University is an entrepreneurial-minded vocational auto detailing school for Professional Detailing & Reconditioning. The courses offered provide attendees with the appropriate information, knowledge and certification necessary to start their own lucrative auto detailing businesses.

Are there any good auto detailing resources out there that we missed? Send them our way!

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