Mobile Tech RX launched a new Packages feature that will allow auto recon companies to partner together and win more dealership work. This isn’t just a win for auto recon companies – it’s a win for dealerships too. The Mobile Tech RX Packages feature removes the hassle and operational complexity of working with a handful of separate auto recon vendors. 

Why Did We Build Packages?

For car dealerships, it makes a lot of sense to contract out a package of auto recon services than to look for individual services (like PDR, paint,interior, detail, wheels) to be performed separately. Let’s face it – due to the ease and simplicity of an all-in-one model, more dealerships are looking for the complete auto recon package. 

For auto recon techs, this is challenging. Unless they can offer every auto recon service themselves, they need to be able to form partnerships with other local companies with different specialties. Let’s say there’s a dent tech, a paint tech, and an interior tech who are on the dealership lot together. They need to be able to work together efficiently, effectively, and professionally – but this is where it gets difficult. 

It’s a huge challenge to keep track of what services have been completed on what cars, how to communicate, and how to share invoices and payment. Until now, there hasn’t been an easy way to build integration points between multiple vendors and between those vendors and their dealership customer. 

What is the Packages Feature?

The Packages feature provides auto recon techs an efficient way to work together with other companies and manage the packages they offer to dealerships.

With Mobile Tech RX, you can create one package that will assign work out to different specialists working at different companies. Each tech involved can communicate with each other through shared notes and comments. Once the job is done, you can create one invoice for your client without losing the specific amounts owed to each company. Multiple auto recon vendors can use one tool to track a project from beginning to end ensuring that no projects are dropped, progress can be tracked, and dealerships only have to deal with one invoice. 

We built this feature specifically for auto recon techs doing wholesale and dealership work, but you can also use it in a retail setting if you frequently share work and/or clients with other auto recon companies. 

How It Works

The Packages owner will start in their Admin Portal, then click the “Client” dropdown menu, then click “Rates”.  Here you can select the clients you want to set up Packages for. To create the package, you can choose the services, fill in the prices for each service, and assign each service to the tech who will do the work.

Once you finish setting up a package, it automatically creates a work order for all techs assigned and they’ll see their work in their Mobile Tech RX app. Once in the app, techs can mark their jobs as complete and the activity log is shared between everyone working on the shared job. Techs can also write notes and updates to share with the other techs.

Once finished, you can create one invoice with line-items for each service performed. The owner of the package can collect payment through the app or offline from the client. Then through tech pay, the package owner can pay out the totals owed to partner companies on a one-time, weekly, or monthly basis. 

How to Get Started with Packages 

As a dealership manager, you can encourage your vendors to work together on Mobile Tech RX. Not only are you helping them out, but you’re helping yourself out by decreasing the organizational management needed to work with so many vendors.

As a tech, here’s what you can do today to start using Packages. First, to set up and own packages through your admin portal, you’ll need to be on the Pro or Advanced pricing plan. If you need to upgrade your subscription, head over to the Subscription page of your Admin Portal. If you are contributing to a package but don’t need to own it, you can be a basic user for your own company and/or a subcontractor added on to your partner company. 

If your vendors or partners aren’t using Mobile Tech RX, invite them to sign up through our Referral Program. When your referrals become Mobile Tech RX users, we’ll send you $75 and them $25. It’s a win-win! 

If you’d like a walkthrough of what’s new or if you need help upgrading your subscription to start building packages, let us know! Send us a message or call us at 1-888-626-6750.

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