The Business Management App for Detailing

The day is finally here – The first and only business management app for detailing that makes detailers more money is officially launched and live! We’ve had over 1,200 companies on the waitlist for this product that were notified early, and I am very proud to announce it to the rest of the world today. 

Keep reading to learn about how Mobile Tech RX’s new detailing app will help you solve the estimating and pricing struggles your detailing company faces daily. Not only will you be able to charge consistently higher prices with this app, but you’ll also get more organized, look more professional, and be able to focus on growing your business. 

The Struggle for Every Detailer – Unstandardized Detailing Prices

Over the past year, I’ve gone coast to coast and talked to a lot of detailers from around the country. One thing I’ve found is that it’s a challenge to set consistent prices that reflect the value of the work you do. Everyone knows that they should charge differently based on a car’s condition, but no one really knows how to charge for different variables consistently. 

It’s also difficult for detailers to add on extra charges when customers already know their standard menu pricing and how much it costs for a “Basic”, “Premium”, or “The Works” detail. My estimate is that detailers are leaving at least 10% – 30% of potential revenue on the table.

Detailing is a competitive industry, and pricing is all over the board. It’s not unreasonable to say that detailers have lost the ability to charge what their work is actually worth. 

The Solution – Earn like the Craftsman You Are

The good news is that we’ve created a business management app for detailers to start earning the money you deserve. This is the first and the only detailing app in the world with the technology to help you make up to 30% more revenue per job. You can do this through our “Perfect Estimating” technology which helps you price out a car based on different variables.

Here’s a peek at the new detailing app:


How to Build a Perfect Detailing Estimate with Mobile Tech RX

  1. Set Starting Prices. You enter your pre-set packages, services, and hourly labor rates into the app. These determine your starting prices, and you will add in extra variables later. You can think of this section as your “menu” that you post online or at your shop. 
  2. Add Conditional Factors. This is the extra work you will have to do on top of your standard package that’s based on the condition of the vehicle. For example, you could add paint refinement to your work on the exterior. Once you select the number of stages of paint refinement you’ll do, the app will give you an estimated amount of time and price to do it. We’ve calculated industry-standard prices for you, but you can always go in and change them.
  3. Present a Perfect, Professional Estimate. Once you finish adding up all of the work, you will have a full, line-itemed estimate to show your customer. Once they approve the service and the price, you can get to work! If they don’t, they get to choose what work doesn’t happen instead of demanding a discount for the same work.

All-In-One Business Management App for Detailing

We know there’s more to your business than just estimating. You also want to look professional, be organized, and grow your business. Here’s what else you get with Mobile Tech RX’s business management app for Detailing:

  • Professional Invoices: Add your company name and logo to every digital invoice. Make your prices look non-negotiable.
  • QuickBooks Integration: Save time transferring from paperwork or spreadsheets into Quickbooks. Mobile Tech RX will automatically download and upload invoices into Quickbooks for you.
  • Automated Customer Reminders: Get more repeat business by scheduling automated text messages. Remind customers to come back for future appointments.
  • Photos to Document Damage: Protect yourself by saving photos of a vehicle before you service it. Time stamps included. 
  • Business Analytics and Reporting*: Understand your business and make smarter decisions with your business’ operational data. *Included in Growing Business plan.
  • Paint Protection Film: Manage PPF jobs within the app.
  • VIN Scanning: Work faster with instant access of a vehicle’s information and paint code. Type less by scanning the VIN with your app. 

And that’s not all! Stay tuned for updates on what’s coming down the pipeline next. We’re building out payment processing and online customer scheduling over the next few months.

Traction in the Detailing Industry

Luke Wilson, owner of Wilson Auto Detailing in Nashville and industry influencer, released a video a few weeks ago announcing his partnership with Mobile Tech RX and his support of our new detailing product.

“[Mobile Tech RX] causes the customer to take you seriously. You’re not just showing up and trying to price things off the top of your head. You have a system in place that allows you to be organized and run a serious business,” Luke Wilson said about the Mobile Tech RX detailing app. “This is something that is actually adding value to the industry. This is what is going to allow a detailing business to scale.”

We also have OVER 1,000 companies on the waitlist who were ready to try the product as soon as it came out!

Try the Business Management App for Detailing For Free

Staying true to the Mobile Tech RX way, we’re offering you 30 days to try our new detailing app for free. No credit card or commitment needed to sign up. Sign up for your free trial here:

Tell Your Friends about the Mobile Tech RX Business Management App

We know that this product will change the detailing industry for the better, which is why we’re doubling the reward amount for our referral program to $100! Help us spread the word and share it with your friends. If you refer a detailer to Mobile Tech RX with your unique link and he/she becomes a paying customer, we’ll send you a $100 gift card! To join the referral program, click the “Refer a Friend” button in the bottom right corner of our website to sign up and get your unique referral link. 

The Future of Detailing is Here

Over the past 5 years as a company, we’ve heard so many success stories from our users. We’ve had a customer tell us they are consistently making 54% more revenue per job and another one who made over $100k more in revenue in a 6-month period. All-in-all, $1.7 billion in invoices have been processed through Mobile Tech RX.

The future is here and now for detailers. Come join us!

We are the detailers of the future.
We turn grime into shine, old into new, ugly into beautiful.
We are well-trained, well-educated, and well-rounded.
We are driven to be as good at business as we are at polishing.
The detailers of the future are today’s craftsmen.
The detailers of the future will make the money a craftsman deserves.
Welcome to the future of detailing.
Welcome to Mobile Tech RX.”

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