The right technology can help you run your operations more efficiently, look more professional, and earn more money. The Mobile Tech RX detailing app is designed specifically for detailing professionals. To start growing your business, you can try it today for free. 

Urable or Mobile Tech RX?

If you’re looking for a software for your detailing business, you may wonder how Urable™ compares to Mobile Tech RX. Both are popular options on the market for detailing professionals. And both provide some great features, including scheduling, payment processing, QuickBooks integration, CRM, automated messaging, and VIN scanning. 

But the goal at Mobile Tech RX is not just about delivering an amazing product, it’s about supporting the auto recon and detailing industries and all of the professionals in them. Below, we’ve compared Mobile Tech RX and Urable to see how they stack up. We hope this makes your decision easier, so you can focus on growing your detailing business.

The Mobile Tech RX detailing app is designed by – and for – the detailing industry. Our mission is to support professional detailers grow successful businesses. The Mobile Tech RX app saves you time, makes you more money, and makes you look more professional – all with just one tool.

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Urable is an application designed by three-man team, Abens Solutions LLC, to help detailers and other entrepreneurs run day-to-day operations, process transactions, and manage customer interactions. Urable has different levels of features, depending on your budget and business needs.

A Dedicated Team to Support You

A benefit of working with Mobile Tech RX is that you have multiple app experts who are ready to answer your questions and help you with the technology. When you buy Mobile Tech RX, you’re not just getting the software, you’re also getting an extensive team of experts to support your business. Our dedicated development team is also always building new and improved features so that we can adapt to your needs.

Have a question about how to use Mobile Tech RX? Give us a call (888-626-6750) or send us a message at any time. We’d love to chat with you and answer your questions. We can also take you through a free demo of the app so you know how to use it.

Make More Money 

With any investment, you want to know that it’s going to help you make more money. Mobile Tech RX’s app has a one-of-a-kind Perfect Estimates feature, so you can address one of the biggest challenges in detailing—pricing. Our app lets you come up with variable-based pricing in a way that’s accurate, consistent, and easy—every time. Stop leaving money on the table and ensure you’re getting the highest price for every job, no matter how complex it is.

An App That Accommodates Every Job

Mobile Tech RX has been designed for all auto recon professionals. That means that detailers who offer other types of work outside of detailing, like interior repair, PPF, ceramic coating, etc., can build estimates for any job using Mobile Tech RX. 

Business Resources

The Mobile Tech RX team is always available to help you. But we also have a free, up-to-date, dedicated resources section on our website. You can access and reference these resources whenever you need it. Read our articles on starting, managing, and growing your detailing business. Or find growth tips from successful auto recon business owners themselves on our Prescribing Growth page. We are committed to providing you with all of the tools you need to succeed.

Payment Processing

The ability to accept online and credit card payments helps you generate more sales. Accept payment in the same app you use to build estimates, statements, and manage employee pay with Mobile Tech RX. It’s easy to set up payment processing within the app and we offer your first $2,500 of charges for $0 in processing fees.

Accounting Made Easy

No detailing professional needs the additional admin of downloading and uploading invoices. All Mobile Tech RX plans are integrated with QuickBooks, so your systems work together smoothly.

CRM and Automated Marketing

CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management. A CRM can help you organize and contact your customers without the stress or manual work. You can use automated marketing to schedule text reminders to customers and ensure repeat business—with minimal effort.

Get more customers for your detailing business with a CRM.

Try the #1 business app for detailing professionals.

VIN Scanning

We know you want to be able to access a vehicle’s information and paint code as quickly and easily as possible. Mobile Tech RX’s VIN scanning lets you access all of the information you need about a car in seconds.

A Simple Price Plan

At Mobile Tech RX, we understand that the business aspects of running your business are often the most challenging. And our goal is always to make running and growing your detailing business as easy as possible. This philosophy applies to our simple price plan as well. The Mobile Tech RX app starts at $25/month for detailers.

Supporting the Detailing Community

Our team sees the potential in the detailing industry and is here to back up you and your business. But don’t take our word for it, listen to some of the thousands of detailers who have used Mobile Tech RX to take their business to the next level.

Fast-Track Your Business Success

Mobile Tech RX is the world’s number one business management app for detailing professionals. To utilize our all-in-one tool and make your business more profitable, try it today.